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Labseeker Network Services Agreement

Labseeker Inc. (abbreviated as Labseeker) provides network services in accordance with the terms in this Agreement and operating rules issued from time to time. In order to obtain network services, service users (abbreviated as users) must agree to all the terms in this Agreement and follow prompts on the registration page to complete all the registration procedures.


This Agreement is entered between Labseeker and users for using Labseeker network services (abbreviated as "services" or “network services”).This Agreement describes related usage license, rights and obligations about "Services" between Labseeker and users. "Users" or "You" refer to the unit or unit authorized representatives who Labseeker provides network services to.


1. Services Content   

Labseeker network services are mainly used for providing customers with the convenience of searching (structure search, CAS search, etc.) and ordering chemicals.Labseeker provides information regarding products,which include: Product Name, CAS#, price, discount price, inventory, physical information and safety information. 


2. Usage Rules

2.1 Users must provide accurate information and their unit's address to Labseeker when applying for Labseeker network servicesand any changes in the user’s information or  address must be updated immediately. Please note that the email address must be your unit's email. If incorrect or incomplete information or failure to update information results in damages or losses to the user, Labseeker is neither liable for any damages or losses, nor will the user be given compensation. If incorrect or incomplete information or failure to update information results indamages or losses to Labseeker, Labseeker reserves the rights to pursue compensation from the user.

2.2 After users are registered successfully, Labseeker will give each user an account and corresponding password. The user holds full responsibility for their account and their password; furthermore the user islegally responsible for all activities through the account. If auser notices anomalies, they must contact Labseeker immediately. For user caused loss of information including but not limited to: loss of username, password, or other non-Labseeker caused information loss, Labseeker is not legally responsible,nor will the user receive any compensation. For user caused information lossincluding loss of username and/or password which result in damages or losses -whether potential or immediate - to Labseeker,the user will bear full legal and economic responsibility.

2.3After users have successfully registered, any account not accessed for six consecutive months will be terminated and removed from our system. Labseeker does not bear any responsibility for loss of user data should an account be terminated in this manner.

2.4Users unconditionally agree to the following when using the network services:

(a) Users must comply with all relevant laws and regulations as required by the Government of China;

(b) Users shall not use the network services system for any illegal purpose; 

(c) Users must comply with network services agreements, regulations and procedures related to all network services;

(d) Users shall not use network services system for any activities which may have adverse effects on the normal operation of Internet services;

(e) Users agree to notify Labseeker immediately if they discover any illegal use of auser’s account or detect any other security vulnerabilities.

2.5 Labseeker reserve the right to determine ifuser’s Labseeker website and network service activities comply with the terms in ourNetwork Services Agreement and any other national network regulations including but not limited to laws and regulations created by Government of China. If the user violates the provisions of the terms in the Network Services Agreement or any other relevant national regulations, Labseeker may interrupt services to the user or terminate their account.


3. Privacy Protection

It is a basic policy of ournetwork services that Labseeker provides protection of users' privacy. Labseeker will never provide users' registration information or their non-public content and information to the public or third parties without proper authorization during usage of Labseeker’snetwork services.Similarly, the user must protect Labseeker's privacy. Users shall not disclose to any third partyinformation regarding Labseeker’s network service that is meant solely for the user. If there is a violation, the user shall bear all corresponding legal and economic responsibilities.


4. Special instructions

This website provides registered users with network ordering services. Due to the complexity and specificity of our ordering servicesusersneed to know the following::

4.1 Identity confirmation: According to the provisions of relevant state departments, users must be aware of all  relevant laws and regulations  regarding theordering of chemicals; Reminder:: The user's unit must have a valid license, and no one can use the network service under the user’s account without obtaining the  unit's authorization. 

4.2 The price, leading time, and other information displayed on the website is for reference only,  and does not form any part of a legally binding contract. Labseeker will send the  buyer an official order confirmation and ask  the buyer to confirm the official purchase order.)

5. Ordering Instructions


5.1 Exact order: Before using the network services to order a product, users should review the technical specifications of products carefully. If there is product information that you are unsure of or require specific product information, , please contact Labseeker for confirmation immediately. Once the order is confirmed, Labseekerwill deem theuser tohave confirmed all technical specifications of product(s). Product technical specifications and packaged forms will meet the supplier's standards.However, if there are special requirements,  Labseeker requires  the user to give written instructions before ordering to ensure that the order is exactly as the user requests.

5.2 Order Amendment: After the order is confirmed, there are no order amendments in most cases.

. If a product is out of stock temporarily, which requiresa production arrangement, Labseeker will reconfirm the order with users: For customized chemicals orders, if the acquisition of  anybasic raw material  encounters difficulties which in turn results in Labseeker  being unable to produce the product, Labseeker  reservesthe rights to terminate the order and to notify the customer immediately., Users are not liable for any direct or indirect economic loss as a result of this.

5.3Cancelling an Order:  Due to the unique nature of chemical production, shipment, storage and usage, users can not cancel the order unilaterally after an order is in effect. The cancellation of an order requires a written approval from Labseeker. If the users cancel the order unilaterally, , the liquidated damageswill be 100% of the amount specified by the officialorder confirmation.

5.4 Warranties and Disclaimer: Subject to the Warranties and Disclaimer of Ordering Informationpublished on Labseeker website.

5.5 Delivery Transport: If users entrusts Labseeker to  transport a product via domestic mail or other similar transportation method, Labseeker will package the products in accordance with the provisions of the post or transport sector, and give custody ofthe products to the transportation unit. Afterwards, any damage caused by transportation or handling is the responsibilities of the shipping units. Users should check the products'  packaging carefully when a product is received. Ifthe packaging is  damaged, users should request delivery staff to sign a damaged goods records immediately..Users should then send the record to Labseeker within a week of product arrival in order to negotiate a timely claim with the transportation unit. For any refrigerated and frozen products, Labseeker  will advise the user of proper storage procedures. Due theinability to estimate the exact time of arrival and confirmation of receiving a product, the user must notify the carrier service of storage procedures. The carrier service should notify the user of of the date of arrival after delivery.The carrier service will need  toarrange the reception of products in advance, soplease advisethe  shipping staff or collection personnel in advance to sign any necessary forms and keep the products stored at the required temperature immediately If the user fails to follow proper storage procedures and as a result the product degrades or becomes unusable, Labseeker is not liable for any damages or losses.  This also appliesif the product was not received by the user after a confirmed arrival or was received and was not stored properly.Returns are subject to the Ordering Information published on the Labseeker website. 

5.6 SafeHandling Procedures: The users should be knowledgeable of relevant chemical MSDSs (Material Safety Data Sheet which canbe downloaded from the Labseekerwebsite) beforehandling any product. Users take full responsibility for the opening and using of chemicals and the results of any chemicals reactions involving the product(s).

5.7 Responsibility Range: The above terms define the responsibilities of both buyers and sellers. Neither party take any direct and indirect responsibilities that are notspecified in the agreement. The agreement details the responsibilities of all involved parties if thereare any accidents or other unfortunate incidents.


6. Legal Jurisdiction  

If any party has any disputes on the content and execution of this Agreement, all parties involved should attempt to settle via arbitration.. If negotiations fail, either party can send proceedings to the People's Court where Labseeker is located. 


7. Other Provisions

The rights of modification and final interpretation of this agreement  belongto Labseeker.